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The Writers' Deadline!! mailing list, or "listserv" is an extension of the old Writers' Deadline!! electronic bulletin
board service, a modem hookup system which pre-dated the Internet. The WDList is FREE and offers resources
and information of interest of a "writing" nature and is directed primarily to the Ottawa-area writing community.
This includes: events, poetry, readings, jobs, launches, markets, meetings, discussion, lots of resources fresh from the
Internet, a little humour and more! We encourage users to participate by sharing their news with colleagues or by
offering their comments, opinions or help on any of the messages they find of interest.
We only ask that you confine your information to that of a "writing" nature.
Thanks, and enjoy. - Patrick Meikle

How to join... what to do

General List Information

Some list contributors

Member Feedback

How to join... what to DO

If you would like to join in, you can subscribe to the list by visiting our Web page at:
Here you will find instructions on how to subscribe to the list.

If you want to unsubscribe, just send a message to: patrick[at]

TO POST a message to the list, whether you are a subscriber or not, PLEASE send me an e-mail directly: patrick[at]

DO: Send your announcements and/or information within the body of the e-mail.

DO: Make sure your message includes enough information for the readers to get the gist of what you are trying to say or promote, without requiring research, or phone calls, or visits to another Web site. Time is precious to all of us!

DO: Make your message relevent to the subject of or interests of writing. We reserve the right to block messages that are "off topic".

DO NOT: Send attachments

I normally DO NOT accept attachments and ask contributors to send me their publicity material embodied within their email text.

Attachments, Word, Wordperfect, text, etc. (and especially graphics and PDF files) cannot be easily forwarded and/or converted and I do not have the time to do this.

Also, attachments are often too large to forward using our current software and can be a problem for users on dial-up.

As well, attachments carry the possibility of embedded viruses, particularly from unknown sources, and even from known sources.

If you want us to forward your message, please include it within the body of your email, or send us a URL (web address) if you have the information on a website so we can refer it to our list members.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

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General information for WD-List members:

The WD-List is a moderated service, which means that all messages are vetted to remove viruses, junk mail or off-topic subjects.

Please send in any changes-of-address, when you change your e-mail location.

SPAM: We get tons of junk mail and spam and our e-mail filters remove a lot of it. So when you send us an e-mail, try to write an appropriate header in the "Subject" line, otherwise the message may be filtered out. If you have something important to convey, you might even follow up with a phone call (613 833-1547) to insure that we have received it. We simply don't open anything that looks suspicious. (See our viruses & hoaxes page for more.)

If messages we send to you bounce back because your e-mail address has changed, or because your mailbox is full, we may have to remove your e-mail address from the list. (We do make an attempt to notify you first, but if we do not have your contact (phone) number it is difficult. Soooo, if you find that the missives from the WD-List have stopped, may be it is because we have had to remove you from the list.)

You CAN temporarily "unsubscribe" from the list for holidays, etc. Just send a message to: patrick[at]

Check out our Netiquette page for proper e-mail courtesy and tips.

We forward a great deal of information from the many Internet sources we maintain. A lot of the originators of this information are NOT on the WD-List, so if you wish to reply back to an individual, use their e-mail address. Please do not click your "reply" button as the message only comes back to us. We do not provide a forwarding service.

Clicking your "reply" button sends messages back for all list members to see.

The service can generate up to 40 or more messages a week so to assist users in getting through the onslaught we include a "slug" or theme word in the subject line. For examples: WD-EVENT; WD-MARKET; WD-JOB; WD-POETRY; WD-FYI; WD-READINGS; WD-CONTESTS; WD-LEADS, etc., so if you are not interested in say, WD-POETRY, simply hit your delete key and move on.

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Here are some of our weekly/monthly/occasional contributors
(Besides the many news items that we find, as well as the contributions from list members, we offer the following:)

Bywords - Ottawa poetry, events and deadline notices for submissions.

Canadian Authors Association - Weekly and upcoming events and a weekly podcast.

Capital Crime Writers - News and events

Click Here - Mitchell Caplan and guests; Wednesdays on CHUO, 89.1 FM, well worth the listen.

Free Pint - Freelancers are small business operators so we offer FreePint to our list members as it is an online community of information researchers, offering tips on finding quality and reliable business information on the Internet.

Media Club of Ottawa - Originally the Canadian Women's Press Club, presents programs of significance to professionals in all branches of the commnications industry.

Ottawa Citizen - Sunday Book Events listings - Comes out in every Sunday edition

Ottawa Independent Writers - Monthly meeting notices and other OIW events

Ottawa Public Library - Occasional news, updates, holiday closings, etc.

Ottawa Romance Writers - News and events.

Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), Ottawa Chapter - News and events.

Tony Hillerman Writers Conferences - Tony Hillerman was a former newspaperman whose evocative mystery novels set among the Navajos of the Southwest took the American detective story in new directions and made him a best-selling author. He died in 2008. His daughter Anne and Jean Schaumberg founded the Wordharvest Writers Workshops and the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference. Many of the mystery TV movies starred Canadain Aboriginal star Adam Beach.

Tree Reading Series Ottawa - Notices for the 2nd and 4th Tuesday meetings

True North Perspective - "In a world where "disinformation" thrives in virtually all capitals on all continents, True North Perspective, in the spirit of the ancient Greek, Diogenes, (looking for an honest man with a lantern), thoroughly exercises a fine-tooth international information-rake to claw out the truth. With a sense of humour, TNP is a high-end, balanced read for the sophisticated mind."

Worldwide Freelance Writer - Publishing information about freelance writing markets around the world.

Writers' Union of Canada - News and events

Writing World - "A World of Writing Information - For Writers Around the World."

(If you would like to contribute news or information, just send an e-mail to: patrick[at]
(Also check out our
Events page.)

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What our colleagues say about the list...

Patrick Meikle calls himself "the connector" and that’s just what he does with his Writers’ Deadline listserv. Hundreds of writers keep connected with the profession, the markets, and each other, by hopping aboard . - From the Media Club's The Galley, Ottawa, ON

I really appreciate your writer's list - you really provide a community service with it and help us all stay in touch; may you never retire!. - R.K., Orleans, ON
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the great service that you render us all, I have used your info for many years. ...(as I) go to the OIW site, which might prove to be a consolided access point for my needs, including the selected e-mails that you send out. - R.K., Orleans, ON
I have been a member of this forum only a few months, but have found the variety of information most useful and interesting... - S.M.

"Thanks for rerouting all that information. It saves the rest of us time." - J.M., Montreal
"I must thank you for posting that Canadian Crossroads International internship in Pakistan a few weeks back. I quickly applied and ended up getting the job! I leave for Pakistan in August... Thanks so much for the info!!!" - P.H., Vancouver, B.C.
"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your bulletin board service. Anything I'm not interested in I simply trash, but the time taken to do that is more than made up by the job leads, story ideas, etc. etc." - L.M., Orleans, ON
"Keep up the great work with the postings - yes, much is not of interest but it effectively links our community with a much wider range of audiences/material - thanks!" H.B., Ottawa
"I have had writers and poets register thanks to your listings and decided it was finally time for me to let ALL the people in my workshops know of your wonderful service." C.G.
"...your little touches of humour often take the grim edge off hectic days. That list of slightly altered words amused a web designing team spread out between Vancouver and here and a sick friend in Winnipeg." - D.H. Ottawa
"I'd like to thank all the Writers' Deadline members who so kindly offered my stepson advice on how to land his first job in journalism. On June 1 he's heading for La Ronge, Sask. to work on the La Ronge Northerner." - S.N., Ottawa

(Some months later...)
"By the way, my stepson is having the 'blast' you promised him in La Ronge. We are talking someone who (at 32) had mostly waited on tables, pumped gas and wondered about the meaning of life. La Ronge fits him like a glove - never heard him so happy, he writes at least ten articles a week for the local paper. And oh, what an improvement in his writing! Thanks again, Patrick..." -S.N., Ottawa

"This is a great list. I imagined it to be just more announcements but it's actually quite informative! The tags in the subject: line are very usefull for filtering unwanted info too. Great job!" - D.G.W., Nortel
"I must tell you how much I look forward to my e-mail now. There is always something interesting in the batch. " - M.P.M., Spencerville, ON.
" I'm learning a lot, by reading your messages and really appreciate all your help, work and efforts. Not only are you providing information, but there are lots of aids to using the electronic media. I'm soaking it up like a sponge. Please keep doing what you do."
- A.B., Ottawa

"I never cease to enjoy the fascinating tidbits you distribute, but I must confess that the
item about the fellow who embedded his good-bye message in a boring editorial really
made my morning. Many thanks..." - T.L., Ottawa

"Thank you for recent messages regarding nettiquette and hoax viruses, two items I am happy to share with some of my colleagues and friends. I was no aware of the BCC feature and wondered myself how I could avoid this long list at the front end." - I.T-H., Ottawa
"Thanks very much for forwarding my message to the ListServe. I've received several
very interesting and helpful responses! Thanks, too, for your congratulations. I really
appreciate the support! " - C.B., Manotick, ON

"Thanks again for the inspiration. Keep the e-mails coming!" K.T., Ottawa
"Way back in February of '99, Patrick sent a notice through the WD list about the Bank of Canada's "unclaimed money" website. I *knew* there was a story in that.

Well, the fourth of the wildly successful Ladies' Killing Circle anthologies, "Fit To Die," is now out. The launch was the 6th of November. My story "There's a Word for It" is in the anthology, and that Bank of Canada site is the crucial clue to solving the murder.

So thanks, Patrick--for telling me something I wouldn't otherwise have known, for giving me the story idea, and for all your other work in support and information for Ottawa's writing community." - Melanie Fogel, Editor -
Storyteller, Canada's Short Story Magazine

"I join you in expressing thanks to Patrick for all that he does in bringing writers together with other writers and resources you just might not hear of anywhere else. It's not often that we encounter people with such broad interests and large hearts for the benefit of others as we do in this man. Thanks, Patrick!" - A.B., Nepean, ON

"I recently changed my e-mail address... Can I be put back on your list... I love seeing the comings and goings of the Ottawa writer's scene! Thanks for all your hard work!" - E.V.B.
"Love your updated site... As ever, it is the best place in town to find out everything about everything. Just about every query I get as Communications Manager of the (writing group) site, ends up with directions to visit your excellent site and to get writers_deadline, as well."
- A.B.

"Thanks for this list. The subject lines are especially handy for my hyper-organized self." - L.B.
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