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First Tuesday Networking (FTN)... Come and meet your colleagues for a little conversation and networking! Read our "What's Up?"
If you are new to the FTN, click here for a little history from previous gatherings...

Check out the traffic camera,
looking south from Perkins.

Click on the pic and choose:
"Coventry/Ogilvie & St. Laurent"

Click here to see the last photos I took

The Next Meeting will be on the first Tuesday
Perkins Restaurant

1130 Saint Laurent Boulevard (at Coventry Road)
Ottawa, ON K1K 3B6 - (613) 747-9190
(Google "Perkins Restaurant Ottawa")

(Free parking, close to St. Laurent Transitway Station,
handy to Queensway, disabled accessible.)

(We start about 5:30 p.m for those who want to dine;
we leave when the time is write!)

(Share your ideas, information or projects.
We love to help where we can.)

Contact coordinators Barbara or Rick if you need more information:
Barbara Florio Graham - BFG[at]SimonTeakettle.com
Rick Czapelka - rickczapelka[at]gmail.com


  • This is an opportunity for list members to get together in a relaxed and informal session, to meet, greet, update, exchange ideas, throw out suggestions and or questions and discuss the events of the day.
  • We come out to have fun and NOT to work... so this is not a place have workshops, readings, etc. This is more of a social gathering, to put a face on those emails and WD-List members.
  • For many of us who work in solitude, it is a time to come out of our dens, come up for air and enjoy the company of colleagues.
  • If this suits your fancy, please join us. Everyone is welcomed and made to feel at home.
  • People start to gather as early as 5:30 .p.m. often kicking off the evening with a libation and food.
  • Perkins has a good variety at a reasonable price, and unless there is a formal party, they let us gather in the quiet comfort of their "party room", so we can talk and visit in isolation from other patrons.
The get-to-gethers at Perkins have been a blast... its a good place, good parking, close to bus routes, disabled accessible,
the beer is cold and the food ain't bad... but above all there are no TVs blaring and the ambient noise (music) is low enough so
we can hear each other... and if we are enough people, they will do their best to put us in to the "party room" where we can turn off the
music completely and be isolated from the other diners. We are also getting some good networking in and enjoying a few new faces...
so if that isn't incentive...

January 6, 2015 - These were the last photos that Patrick took at the FTN.

The usual suspects, plus two
(L-to-R: (Aimee's) Ron, (Linda's) Bob, Tony, Bobbi, Bonita, Linda, Aimee, Rosaleen, Iris)
The "plus two" are: Tony Lofaro and Bonnie Preston

Tony was a welcome addition, thanks to Bobbi.

Tony and Bobbi share a laugh

The three amigos, Bonita, Linda, Aimee

( If you click on the individual photos, you can see an enlarged version.)

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September 2, 2014 - a last photo of Paul Mackan

This photo was taken by Iris Ten Holder... an interesting perspective where everyone on the
left is looking at the photographer at the other end of the table. Paul Mackan is on the right.
Sadly he passed away three months to the day... See more.
(L-to-R: Bobbi, Aimee, Linda, Rick, Ron, Rosaleen, Patrick, Paul.)

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April 1, 2014 - Some photos...

The ConnectorFrom Patrick:
Regular reporting of our FTN sessions was suspended two years ago... in April 2012, mostly because I retired from many of my writing activities. I continue to maintain the Writers' Deadline!! listserv, often sending out 40 to 50 or more missives per month. We post reminders of the FTN gatherings through the mailing list (listserv), and list members (numbering over 365) are invited to participate in the first Tuesday sessions.

If you do decide to come out, an acknowledgement of your attendance would be appreciated so we can give the restaurant an idea of how many people to expect so we can arrange for enough tables. You can send me an email so I can count up the numbers... writersdeadline[at]gmail.com.

Here are a few photos from April 2014 (Click on the pics to enlarge):

Linda, Rafal, June, Ron

Patrick, Bobbi, Rosaleen

The sweet hearts...

Paul & Bobbi... the linchpins!

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If you are new to the FTN, click here for a little history...

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