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Many of our Writers' Deadline!! list members have Web sites of their own. The latest to join:
Joanne Lecuyer

Kathy Ashby
Valerie Blondeau
Mike Blouin
Kathy Bose
Dorothyanne Brown
Ann Cavlovic
Carley Centen
John Cook
Rosaleen Dickson
Mary Dufton
Barbara Florio Graham
Susan Hickman
Valerie Knowles
Joanne Lecuyer
Paul Mackan
Shannon Lee Mannion
Ian McKercher
Craig McMahon
Darryl McMahon
Patrick Meikle
Sonny Moran
Rosemay Orange
Nishat Siddiqui
Carol Stephen
Alberte Villeneuve
Terrence Rundle West

Kathy AshbyKathy Ashby is an award-winning hot glass artist who lives and works in Muskoka. She first publicly demonstrated the art of blowing glass at the Toronto, Harbourfront Craft Studios’ inaugural year of 1974. As a writer, she has been extensively published for over 10 years. She produced three narratives aired on CBC Radio One’s program Outfront. In October 2004 she was nominated for a YWCA, Woman of Distinction Award, in the Arts Category.

Author of the book Carol ‘A Woman’s Way’ , her first novel, it is dedicated to Gaia, which in ancient Greece is goddess of the Earth. It is published by DreamCatcher NB.

Kathy was nominated for the 2010 Muskoka Chautauqua Reading List.
"... a very important fictional account of the activity of women to preserve the environment. Indeed most successful movements have been and are started by women.” Dr. Helen Caldicott

The David Suzuki Foundation is following Kathy Ashby on Twitter!/awomansway

Last year His Holiness The Dalai Lama stated that, "The World will be saved by the Western Woman"

"We Wise Women" recognise that the Dalai Lama is talking about us and our time NOW. The largest group of midlife women the world has ever seen is awakening at this critical time for the evolution of the planet. Visit:

New book review from CanLit reviewer, James Onusko PHD candidate Trent University

Visit Kathy's blog at
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Valerie Blondeau is a long-time artist, photographer and writer who has been helping friends and family get online.

With her long history of being a Jane of all trades she's been supporting herself with a part-time regular job and continuing her 3 loves in the hopes to be self-supported by them. Her love of helping people blossomed into tutoring people in English Conversation and other odds and ends of life back in 2005.

You can see a self-portrait of Valerie here under the bio link from her early days of writing, photography and painting.

While you are enjoying her art, photography, Native bits and web site design, visit her poetry page soon to be expanded to include some of her article works and short stories..
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Michael Blouin tells us from his website that he has published in Descant, Arc, Branch, Dragnet, Fiddlehead, The Antigonish Review, Event, The New Quarterly, Grain, Queen's Quarterly, In/Words, Variations, Ottawater... and has a collected poetry out with Toronto's Pedlar Press as well as a novel with Coach House Books. His latest book, also with Pedlar Press, is "Wore Down Trust". Author representation by Westwood Creative Artists. You can also add 2009 ReLit Award for Best Novel. Contact him at knowwhoyouowe[at]

You can watch a YouTube video when Michael kicked off the 2011 Spring Edition of the Ottawa International Writers Festival with the launch of his book WORE DOWN TRUST.

From Coach House Books:
Mike Blouin has been the recipient of the Diana Brebner Prize for Poetry from Arc, Canada’s National Poetry Magazine, as well as the Lillian I. Found Prize for Poetry from Carleton University, and his work has been shortlisted for a National Magazine Award. He is the author of the collection of poetry I’m not going to lie to you (Pedlar, 2007). He resides in Oxford Mills, a rural community near Ottawa.

Michael is also on Facebook, and if you do a Google search using "Michael Blouin", you will find many other references.
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Ann CavlovicKathy Bose - My sixteen years' experience as an editor includes eight years as a consultant in all sectors, seven years as an in-house researcher/editor in the federal government, and one year as manager of the Plain Language Service at the Canadian Public Health Association. Enthusiasm for learning plus the ability to edit technical material have provided opportunities to work in many areas, including statistics, medical/scientific areas, taxation, policy development and evaluation. Clients praise my attention to detail and my ability to write in plain language. I also develop Web site material, using plain language. BA and Media Communications and Multimedia Design (Algonquin College).

To read more of Kathy's profile from the Editors' Association, click here.
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Dorothyanne Brown "is a very talented and creative writer," says Patrick Meikle, "and has been a terrific addition to the FTN evenings." (You can read one of her reports here-Dab's-FTN.)

And, these are her words from
her online blog: "I'm a nurse, manager, writer, and creative try anything once” woman, who has been a freelance writer for the past 15 years in between family, work, and other demands. I’ve been published in Army Times, Country Connection, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Canadian Author’s Association Anthology Canwrite 2006. I’ve also won honorable mentions in the CAA competition and at the Scene of the Crime Festival, and recently won the Bloody Pete, a very sweet little skeleton, for first prize at the Bloody Words Conference… I’ve entered the 3-day-novel contest several times and still prefer this path to outlining.

I’m returning to more full-time writing now and enjoying (almost) every minute. Now, if only napping wasn’t mandatory…

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Ann CavlovicAnn Cavlovic's writing has appeared in Event and SubTerrain. She was a finalist in the 2005 Writers’ Union of Canada Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers.

Her non-fiction has appeared in The Globe and Mail and Alternatives.

To torture herself, she is currently completing a play that is a satire about climate change. She lives with a sweet person named Peter, and an ebullient 3-year old (which makes getting out to FTN nearly impossible, for now).

(Ann sent us a rather humbling bio. Check out her webiste to reveal her true depth:
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Carley CentenCarley Centen is a bright young writer and communications professional. Whether writing a newsletter for a non-profit, copy for a small business launching its first website, or a short story for a literary magazine, her work is sharp and sure to garner interest.

Carley has been published by a variety of print sources, including Metro News and the Canadian University Press, and in online blogs and magazines, writing on everything from science to education and business. Her creative fiction and literary non-fiction have achieved shortlist distinctions on national and local contests.

As a strong generalist, Carley is able to quickly ascertain the needs of a diverse range of clients, who have called her "a natural writer". She offers a wide variety of freelance writing and editing services. Check out her portfolio at for more information!
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John Cook is a long-time journalist, writer, and playwright. As a freelance writer he specialized in humour. He has performed as a stand-up comic for Amateur Night at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club in Ottawa and wrote several humour columns, including Cook's Corner for the Orleans Weekly Journal and Cook@home for Monitor Magazine. Many of his columns can also be found in the Orleans Star archives.

John has written and acted in several productions for the Vintage Stock Theatre, and as a playwright he made his stage debut in Orléans in June 2007 with two one-act plays, called The Roof Top Guy and The Three Hole Punch. (Here is the write up.)

John now has his own production company called Tale Wagging Theatre and his play The Roof Top Guy, is being presented in the 2010 Ottawa Fringe Theatre Festival. Check his Web site for play dates, and check the Fringe site for tickets.
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Click on the pic for her Web site.Rosaleen Dickson is a long-time journalist, writer, author and friend. Deadline!!

Her Web site:

She has set up a portion of her Web site to highlight events listed on the Writers' Deadline!! (Click on the graphic at right). And, while you are visiting Rosaleen's site, take a look at the virtual treasure that exists there... besides her family history and her own incredible background that is chronicled, you will find links to:

  • - her books, her poetry, her words of wisdom
  • - local and international writers, journalists and communicators
  • - then for those of you old enough to remember, click on such faces as Gordon Sinclair, Percy Saltzman, or Norman DePoe (if you can recognize them), and follow their links to more gems.
  • - You can read her biography here, and her family biography here.
  • - Rosaleen graduated with a master’s degree from Carleton’s School of Journalism at the age of 81 - More...
  • - Portrait: Rosaleen Dickson: Cyberspace Trailblazer and Inspiring Learner. More...

While the music plays in the background, take some time to visit the more than one hundred references... a worthwhile tour.
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Mary Dufton - writerMary Dufton, has been a member of the WD-List for many years and it is a privilege to call her a colleague.

She writes on her Mary's Disability Blog: "This is a blog about my life as a person with a disability and my unique perspectives on my daily experiences. I am also using the blog to post my articles that I have written and continue to write on the various aspects of living with a disability, such as travel, relationships and health."

She continues: "I was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. I am 40 something and am married to a man who also has these disabilities. We have no children but are very involved in the disability community. We have a monthly supper club where adults with spina bifida and hydrocephalus can get together, share their experiences and provide support to each other or just hang out. "

"I first met Mary when she was a participant in my Freelancing For Magazines class back in September 1998," said connector Patrick Meikle, where even then she professed an interest in making Freelance writing a career and writing about disability issues. She is a fine writer and has been contributing many articles to organizations like the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario (SB&H) (Challenges in the Workplace); Independent Living Canada; and Abilities Magazine.

More recently Mary wrote us "to share with you my really big news!" She had submitted an essay to the Globe and Mail’s Facts and Arguments page called I was actually terrified of the gym. "I am really excited because this is the first time I have written an article for a mainstream publication," she said and continued, "I just finished a non-fiction writing course at Algonquin this fall, which I really liked and found to be very useful."

A couple of years ago Mary was recognized as a "dynamo volunteer" for her work with the Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres (CAILC). "Mary works for the federal government and volunteers as a writer for CAILC. You may have read one of her articles in our newsletter. She writes the Power of One feature in every issue which tells the story of unique individuals involved in the Independent Living Movement who have made contributions and/or changes to their community and themselves. Mary has written for Abilities Magazine and other organizational newsletters." (The photo shows Mary accepting the Volunteer Award at the CAILC AGM with Traci Walters who writes a journal on the Independent Living Canada web site.)

You can keep up with Mary's exploits on Mary's Disability Blog.
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Barbara Florio Graham is a writer, teacher and communications consultant.

Simon Teakettle Ink has been serving clients in Canada and the US since 1981, offering expert online training, mentoring, books, and special projects. The site is a co-production of Barbara Florio Graham, author of Five Fast Steps to Better Writing and Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity, and her famous cat, Simon Teakettle, with whom she co-authored the award-winning Mewsings/Musings.

The web site contains a wealth of free information on writing, publishing, and, of course, cats. Go to

Bobbi & Terzo

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Susan Hickman - A journalist for 35 years, Susan Hickman has written about every imaginable subject for sundry Canadian daily newspapers, magazines, CBC TV and CBC Radio.

You can read her blogs here... and this from her blog site:

"New to blogging but a writer from way back, I’m learning how to fill computer white space with words of wisdom from my heart. A journalist for 35 years, my first love is talking to other people all over the world from all fields of pursuit about what they’re doing on the planet. It’s a condensed course in Advanced Life Lessons as well as a spiritual exercise like no other."

Read Susan's profile from LinkedIn, follow her on twitter and/or Facebook, and read her latest enterprise, The Ottawa Dance Blog. Email: shickman19[at]
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Valerie Knowles - Montreal-born Valerie Knowles is an Ottawa writer who has a B.A. (Honours History) from Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, an M.A. (History) from McGill University, Montreal, and a B.J. from Carleton University, Ottawa.

In addition to writing for newspapers, magazines and federal government departments, she has taught history and worked as an archivist. She has published eleven non-fiction works, four of which are trade books.

From her Ottawa base, Valerie Knowles continues to write independent non-fiction books and to accept commissioned writing work. Her focus remains on Canadian and Ottawa political and social history.

Visit her web site for a full profile and book information -
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Joanne Lecuyer - is an indie author who loves writing positive fantasy/fiction books for kids. She has published three books and will be releasing two more in 2014. Her books are available in print and ebook, in English and French at

Joanne lives in a small rural community (Vars) near Ottawa. She has been working for the Canadian federal government for over 25 years. She has a BA in Communications and Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa, a Diploma in Public Administration from the University of Quebec and a Professional and Personal Coach Certification from Concordia University. She is also a Reiki Master. (Click on pic to enlarge.)

If you Google her name, "Joanne Lecuyer" (keep the quotation marks) you will find many other references, not to mention a bundle of interesting stuff on her website.
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Paul Mackan-ActorPaul Mackan, writer, composer, director, organist, choirmaster, actor, narrator, poet, author, critic, reviewer... he has done it all. A sage amongst his peers, this member of the FTN adds quality and depth to our gatherings, and he is never very far from his classical training, as anyone will attest as his stage presence is always clear and concise through his well-modulated voice, which is crystalline in nature even over the din of the background noise and music.

Paul is a veteran of stage, television and radio and his online biography shows his varied background and many awards. Some years ago he appeared in a Historica Minutes (The acclaimed Historica Minutes are one-minute movies that portray exciting and important stories from Canada's past.) presentation entitled "Rural Teacher" which today is still one of the most popular vignettes produced. It is often seen on various Canadian television channels. (See if you can recognize Paul when you click on the link.)

He recently launched his book, Dream Girl, Dream, started an Internet blog, Poetry and Punditry, and is a regular contributor to the Writers' Deadline!! listserv.
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Shannon Lee Mannion is well-known in the writing community having worked as an automotive columnist with CanWest for more than a decade. Prior to this, she freelanced stories to a variety of national and international magazines and newspapers. Currently, she is the Ottawa correspondent for the Queen's Alumni Review and has profiled David Dodge, Peter Milliken, Flora Macdonald and other Kingston note-worthies who've spent time in Ottawa.

She is perhaps best-known for the stand she took in refusing to sign the CanWest freelance contract which resulted in her losing her job with the Ottawa Citizen in 2008. She has been a staunch upholder of freelance copyright and fair play for freelance writers, photographers, graphic designers and other contract workers.

Currently, she is a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists and she co-moderates a 600-member Freelance Discussion List. She is a graduate of Patrick's Journalism course when he offered it at High School of Commerce.

Recently, Shannon decided to put computer keyboards to a different use which lead to reintroduce pop art following the fashion of Andy Warhol and other pop artists of the fifties and sixties. She calls her keyboard art, Quirky B's and you can read her blog at and view her web site at Shannon and the Quirky B's are also on Face Book.
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Ian McKercher, Ian McKercher moved to the Glebe in 1969 to teach English at Glebe Collegiate. He is now retired. Except for a teaching foray to China in the early 1980s, he has lived and/or worked there ever since. He is a founding member of the Glebe Historical Society. He currently has an archive of over 400 photographs, maps, files, books and articles on local history, and is constantly searching for more.

More recently (2012) he published his first novel, a coming of age story that looks at the early days of both the Bank of Canada and the life of a young woman. The Underling was published earlier this year and so far he is pleased with the overwhelming response to his first foray as an author.

The Mar 29, 2012 issue of the Ottawa East EMC newspaper carried a story entitled: Retired Glebe Collegiate teacher writes first novel. The official book launch for The Underling took place on April 22 at Glebe-St. James United Church hall, 650 Lyon Street. Signed editions are available from the author at 613-235-4863. The novel can also be purchased from Britton's and Octopus Books in the Glebe and Mother Tongue Books in Old Ottawa South.

Other References:
General Store Publishing House
(You can also find a number of references using the Google search with <"Ian McKercher" Ottawa>.
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Craig McMahon (Courtesy of Canadore College)
Craig McMahon - student winner of the 2009 Wyn Lit 73 launches and reads from his novella "The People's Voice". To purchase a copy ($20) directly from the author, please contact us and we will forward your request to Craig. Craig received 50 copies of his novella and keeps 100 per cent off the sales to assist him with his student costs! Congrats Craig!5.
See also:
Writing contest kicks off Saturday - The Sudbury Star. Click here.

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Darryl McMahon has become a regular at our First Tuesday sessions. He contributes a lot to the gathered, and more importantly he is contributing a great deal to the environment through his interests in energy saving and vehicle modifications, such as his 1973 Porche 914, which he converted into a zero-emission electric car. (Click on the picture to see where he was featured in a Canadian Newsblog.)

He is an Ottawa-based energy consultant, President of Econogics and author of the book The Emperor’s New Hydrogen Economy – which offers real world, practical advice on how individuals can reduce their energy bills. He has been driving zero emissions vehicles since 1978!

He tells us that he has been "distracted by the Ontario government's catastrophe of an electric vehicle policy for the past three months which has kept me from updating my reducing GHG emissions by 10 per cent in 2010 at"

Other interesting links:
Click here to read up on some of the other vehicles that Darryl has converted.
Click here for a review of his book.
Click here to read a very interesting piece that Darryl wrote - The Inevitable Electric Car, electric drive technology, from 1908 to about 2010.
Click here for his Linkedin profile.

Don't just read Darryl, come out to an FTN and meet the man himself.
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This is when I
started writing...
~ circa 1982 ~

Patrick Meikle - My goal was to be a self-supporting author, living in the country, preferably by water... (On a good month I'm self-supporting, I live in a small development on the edge of the country, and in the Spring, we get lots of water!)

They say that those who can't, teach... so for over 15 years I taught Freelance Writing with the Ottawa-Carleton School Board, and spent some time instructing Internet subjects with the Internet Institute and Algonquin College.Patrick Meikle after too many coffees!

When you get to be my age you start entering your second childhood, so I try not to act my age. I have done a lot of different things over the years, mostly trying to survive (as any wannabe writer will tell you), but if you really want to get bored, have a look at my Web page, then if you need help with your insomnia, check out my resume.

This is me today!

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Carol StephenSonny Moran - Freelance writer - fiction, nonfiction, editor, teacher. In an email to the Writers' Deadline!! Listserv, Sonny offered us his biography after a number of list members requested it. In it he writes: "As you can tell by my photo, I have had an interest in ships since an early age. My mother, Frances Moran, was dying of cancer. On her journey to say goodbye she showed me a photo she had of a uniformed man she called “Uncle Jack” who was captain of a ship..." That photo had Sonny conducting countless hours of marine research, to identify the ship as the CGS Concretia, the first ship in North America to be built of ferro cement (form of concrete) that steamed under her own power. This research lead Sonny to write Captains of Concrete, followed by Floating Tombstone, The Mysterious Disappearance of North America's First Concrete Ship. Read more here...
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Carol StephenRosemary Orange - is an orleans resident. She spent 6 years in Hong Kong where she achieved the rank of Black Belt in the mixed martial arts style of Kempo Karate Jutsu. She returned to her native Toronto and completed studies to Black Belt in Kung Fu. She later studied Tae Kwon Do and was awarded Honorary Black Belt. She has trained corporate executives, high school and elementary school students in both public and private schools and taught afterschool and evening classes at Duane Plata’s (Canada’s National Champion/World Champion), school in Mississauga. Prior to her martial arts training Rosemary studied ballet for 12 years. She also studied figure skating and taught the Parks and Recreation program in Etobicoke for 4 years. She is pleased to call Ottawa her home and brings to The School of Dance a unique approach to physical fitness. More...
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Carol StephenNishat Siddiqui - Information to follow...
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Carol StephenCarol A. Stephen is a Carleton Place poet and on the executive of Canadian Authors Association, National Capital Region. Carol is also a member of the League of Canadian Poets published in Ottawa journals and online. Three of her poems have received honourable mentions in Arborealis 2008, Ontario Poetry Society, and the Canadian Authors Association National Capital Writing Contest in 2008 and 2011.

Carol began writing on a manual green Olivetti typewriter, but she doesn’t miss having poems flavoured with correction fluid and cross-outs.

Her first chapbook, Above the Hum of Yellow Jackets, was released in September, 2011.

You can read her blog here:
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Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair is passionate about life, the people she encounters and their relationships. Now retired after thirty-two years of teaching in Ottawa, her eclectic range of interests varies from writing, painting and photography, to psychology, spirituality, esoterism and the paranormal to horticulture and birdwatching. Women’s issues and mental health have always been of great interest also as she has spoken to women’s groups since 1990, the year “Le jardin négligé” was published. A member of Ottawa Independent Writers, Arts Ottawa East and l’AAOF, she proudly offered the English version, “The Neglected Garden” in 2005. A study in relationships, some abusive, some destructive, “The Neglected Garden” is also a story of courage, self-discovery, acceptance and forgiveness.

(This is Alberte "au festival des auteurs".)

In 2007, Alberte published yet another novel, “Une prière pour Hélène” in which courage and love prevail in the end. This novel addresses women’s bond of friendship and sensitive issues such as the fragmentation of family, the challenge of raising children as a single parent, emotional and physical violence against women.

Since 2009, she writes articles for True North Perspective. These articles are appreciated for their honest opinion, inspirational value and diversity. Her writing has given her the opportunity to appear on several TV and radio shows and participate in many book fairs and festivals. Some weekly columns are also featured in the Canaan Connexion of Clarence-Rockland and in Perspective Vanier. She also has feature articles in AOE Arts News.

November 3rd 2011, « Le génie de Jessie » was launched at Saint-Guillaume School. This first book for children features six young writers from that school who wanted to write about bullying.

An anthology is in the making and like her other novels, the cover will feature one of her paintings or photograph.

To know more, visit her website at
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Terrence Rundle West

(From his website:) Some of you will recognize me from schools I've taught at or administered in and around Ottawa (Hillcrest, Brookfield, Glebe, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Ottawa Tech, Eganville) or from community work in Ottawa's Hunt Club/Riverside area. Others with long memories might recall my days at Hearst High School, Albert College, Carleton University or UBC. Although I spend time each year in Northern Ontario and still fancy myself a northerner, I've been living in Ottawa with my wife Peggy since 1968.

Hearing our story can be galvanizing; which is why Canadians are turning to novels that revolve around home-grown events. And why not? There's enough history, politics and social drama in this country to match any nation.

In my writing I strive to capture the essence of the life and times in which my stories are set. Read More...

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Time's up, buddy!!

Dorky... No, I am NOT Mr. T.!!Door-key says they don't have a web site up yet as far as we can tell, so they are putting the pressure on me to put the pressure on them to get a move on!

It's not that difficult and in today's world with some 1,966,514,816 people on the Internet (
Ref.), it is important to have a presence, even if it is only a digital business card.

Over to you Mr. deadline!!

How Big Is the Internet?
Click here from another statistic.

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