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This is a partial list of the many writing groups and resources in Ottawa (and beyond).
We are always adding to the list and invite you to suggest other links.

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( A growing community... 80 and counting! )
Please! advise me of any errors or omissions... -pwm)
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American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)- Canada Chapter
AOE Arts Council (formerly Gloucester Arts Council)
Arab and Muslim Writers Union (A&MWU)
Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français

Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Outaouais
l'Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec (ACS)
Bad Moon Books | Bourque Newswatch | Bywords
Canada Books Online
Canadian Association of Journalists | Canadian Authors Association
Canadian Church Press | Canadian Community Newspaper Association
Canadian Content | Canadian eAuthors Association
Canadian Media Guild | Canadian Newspaper Association
Canadian Poetry Association | Canadian Science Writers' Association
Canadian Writers Journal | Capital Crime Writers
Carleton University - School of Journalism and Mass Communication
CHUO-FM's "Click here" | CKCU-FM 93.1
Collected Works Bookstore | Copyright Kids
Council for the Arts in Ottawa | Crime Writers of Canada
(Hal) Doran's Internet Sources for Journalists and Broadcasters
Editor's Association of Canada (Ottawa) | GEODE Music and Poetry
Gloucester Arts Council | Irish Poetry Group | Juryroom Workshop
Lambda Foundation for Excellence | League of Canadian Poets
Lanark County Live Poets Society
Maple Tree Literary Supplement (MTLS)
Media Club of Ottawa | Mother Tongue Books
National Capital Freenet - Media related contacts
National Library of Canada | National Press Club
North American Travel Journalists Association
Ontario Poetry Society | Ottawa Area Writers
Ottawa Documentation / Writing and Translation related contacts
Ottawa Independent Writers | Ottawa International Writers Festival
Ottawa Public Library | Ottawa Romance Writers | Ottawa Storytellers
Ottawa Writers on Facebook
Ottawater | Our Public Airwaves
Professional Writers Association of Canada
Prime Crime Mystery Book Store | The Puritan Magazine | Quebec Writers Federation
Rasputin's Folk Cafe | Reader's Digest (Canada) Resource Centre
Renouf Books | rob mclennan's web site
Sasquatch Writers performance Series | Smith's List: CanLit Contests
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
Society of Environmental Journalists | Society for Technical Communication
Storyteller Magazine's Book Self-Publishing Service | Tree Reading Series
Valley Writers Guild | VoicesCanada
White Mountain Publications | Writers Block Ezine
The Writers Union of Canada
| Ygdrasil - Poetry

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| American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) - Canada Chapter |
L'Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français(AAOF)American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) - Canada Chapter AMWA is an international, nonprofit professional organization that brings together medical, allied-health and science communicators as well as educators interested in improving the quality and effectiveness of biomedical communication in all media. The Canada chapter provides its members with professional development and networking opportunities. Nonmembers are welcome to participate in chapter events.

| AOE Arts Council |

AOE Arts CouncilThe AOE Arts Council is a dynamic not-for-profit organization that works with the community to develop partnerships, audiences, information, and visibility for the arts. It supports Ottawa artists and arts organizations through programs, resources and services.

Formerly known as the Gloucester Arts Council, AOE was incorporated in 1987 as a bilingual, not-for-profit membership organization. Since its inception, the council continues to evolve in response to the needs of its membership and the community it serves. Membership now includes over 85 arts organizations and many individual members, representing well over 20,000 individuals.

| Apartment613 |
Apartment613 is a volunteer-run not for profit organization. Our main activity is, an award winning blog dedicated to uncovering the best of Ottawa’s arts and culture. All of our editors, photographers and contributors contribute their time and talents for free to help spread the word about all the great events happening in our city. If you’d like to help out, please visit our contact us page to find out how you can get involved.

| Arab and Muslim Writers Union (A&MWU) |
Arab and Muslim Writers UnionThe Arab and Muslim Writers Union (A&MWU) The Arab and Muslim Writers’ Union is a not-for-profit organization established in 2009 to represent, support and promote published Arab and Muslim writers. A&MWU is a forum online and in other media, for all Arab and Muslim writers to meet and exchange views and ideas.

| Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français |
L'Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français(AAOF)

L'Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français(AAOF) was founded in Ottawa in 1988 to develop and promote Franco-Ontarien literature.

| Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Outaouais |
L'Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français(AAOF)L'Association des auteurs et auteures de l'Outaouais(AAAO) est l'une des plus importantes associations régionales d'auteurs du Québec. Ses premières activités ont été réalisées à compter de 1978, grâce à un groupe d’amants de la littérature, pour aboutir en 1979 au dépôt de statuts de création officielle.

| l'Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec (ACS) |
L'Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français(AAOF)l'Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec (ACS) regroupe des professionnels de l'information scientifique francophone grand public de différents milieux (journalisme, muséologie, édition, loisir, multimédia, recherche, organismes publics et entreprises scientifiques). See also: Canadian Science Writers Association.

Bad moon Books| Bad Moon Books | Bad Moon Books WAS a small but hearty press in west-end Ottawa and had been publishing since 1995. It was the home of the Blood & Guts Horror Story Competition. The editor was Warren Layberry. He moved to Montreal circa 2007. If you want to reach him, send an e-mail to .

| Bourque Newswatch |
Bourque Newswatch Bourque Newswatch: "The Canadian Drudge, Pierre Bourque. If our Canadian posters don't know about this lively page yet, they should click it. It's majorly cool." - Lucianne.Com. "The king of Canadian news junkie Web sites", Charles Adler, Winnipeg Sun

Bourque Newswatch| Bywords |...publishes on a monthly basis poems on the web, a Calendar of Literary Events, and the Bywords Quarterly Journal. Its aims are to publish emerging and established poets who reside, study or work in Ottawa. Bywords will reflect Ottawa's rich multicultural diversity.

Canada Books Online| Canada Books Online |
Canada Books Online is focused on the works of Canadian independent writers and artists. It was created in 2005 to meet the needs of independent authors and speciality publishing companies. It is focussed primarily on authors, providing them with a professional-looking place to show their works. Additionally, Canada Books Online structures its commission schedule as a small percentage of the selling price and thus ensures that authors receive the maximum payment for their work.

Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ)| Canadian Association of Journalists |
The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) promotes excellence in journalism, encouraging investigative journalism. We serve as the national voice of Canadian journalists, and we uphold the public’s right to know.

Canadian Authors Association (CAA)| Canadian Authors Association |

The Canadian Authors Association (CAA) is one of Canada's oldest writing organizations and is Canada's national writing organization. Founded in 1921, the CAA has played a key role in the support and development of the Canadian writing community. It has charitable status as a registered National Arts Service Organization.

Canadian eAuthors Association (CeA)| Canadian Church Press |

The Canadian Church Press is an association that offers fellowship and support to its members, who are united in a common bond of Christian communication. Members are encouraged, in an atmosphere of Christian openness and concern, to lay aside denominational differences in an effort to maintain high standards of religious journalism.

| Canadian Community Newspapers Association |

Canadian Community Newspapers AssociationCanadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) (The Voice of Canada's Newspaper Industry) is the national voice of the community press in Canada. CCNA currently represents more than 700 English-language community newspapers, with a combined circulation of more than 12 million copies per week. (The Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA)(SEE below) and the Canadian Community Newspaper Association (CCNA) are two separate organizations that partnered to create one strong industry voice for newspapers in Canada. Combined, the two associations represent over 830 daily, weekly, and community newspapers in every province and territory in Canada.)

| Canadian Content |

Canadian eAuthors Association (CeA) Canadian Content is published online on an 'in progress' basis, and freely available. "articles: we look for work on topics of general interest, or aimed at making readers informed. it doesn't have to be about canada, but should at least relate to being human. they should be well thought out. articles with spelling errors will be destroyed on contact (if you don't care to spellcheck, why should we waste our time?)."

Canadian eAuthors Association (CeA)| Canadian eAuthors Association |

The Canadian eAuthors Association (CeA) created this site to feature, showcase, and promote Canadian writers who have been published electronically. The CeA site was also created as a medium for demystifying electronic books (ebooks) and electronic readers (ereaders).

Canadian Media Guild (CMG)| Canadian Media Guild |

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is a democratic trade union, duly recognized and certified under federal and provincial labour legislation. As of 2010 they have nearly six thousand members, all of whom work in the Canadian media.

Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA)| Canadian Newspaper Association |

The Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA) (The Voice of Canada's Newspaper Industry) is a non-profit organization, representing Canadian daily newspapers (English and French) with circulations ranging from 1,500 to almost 500,000 per day. (The Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA) and the Canadian Community Newspaper Association (CCNA)(SEE above) are two separate organizations that partnered to create one strong industry voice for newspapers in Canada. Combined, the two associations represent over 830 daily, weekly, and community newspapers in every province and territory in Canada.)

Canadian eAuthors Association (CeA)| Canadian Poetry Association |

The Canadian Poetry Association (CPA) is "Canada's National Poetry Organization". The principle aims of the Canadian Poetry Association are to promote the reading, writing, publishing, and preservation of poetry in Canada through the individual efforts of its members; to promote communication among poets, publishers, and the general public; to encourage leadership and participation from members, and to encourage the formation and development of autonomous local chapters. The CPA also maintains a Literary Listserve at:, and they are also on Facebook.

Canadian Science Writers' Association| Canadian Science Writers' Association |

The Canadian Science Writers' Association is a national association with over 275 members including media professionals, communications officers in Science and Technology institutions, technical writers and educators - all of whom are involved in communicating Science and Technology to non-specialist audiences. See also: l'Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec (ACS).

Canadian Science Writers Journal| Canadian Writer's Journal |

Dedicated apprentice and professional writers use the information they find in Canadian Writer's Journal to acquire the edge they use on their way to publication. Many first-time writers got their start in the Canadian Writer's Journal because we are looking for terrific material, not reputation. .

| Capital Crime Writers |

Capital Crime WritersCapital Crime Writers is made up of Mystery/Crime writers at every stage of their writing career, and readers who love the genre.  Membership is open to all. Unless a special venue has been set for the month, Capital Crime Writers meets 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month at Ottawa City Hall, corner of Laurier and Elgin. Meetings are usually held upstairs in the Honeywell room. Meetings feature a guest speaker, a writing workshop, or a special venue. Our guest speakers address topics related to crime, the social order, and law enforcement.

| Carleton university - School of Journalism |
Carleton University School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationThe Carleton University School of Journalism and Mass Communication Journalism has been central to Carleton's mission from the university's earliest days. The mass communication program at Carleton concentrates on the history, theories, political economy, technology and impact of communication.

| CHUO-FM 89.1's "Click here" |
CHUO-FM's Click hereCHUO-FM 89.1's Click here. is an interview-based, magazine style program hosted by Mitchell Caplan, Wednesdays from 5 to 6 pm. The show presents an alternative perspective on the arts and on community issues, focusing on issues not covered by mainstream media and on the underground arts scene. You can also listen to it "live streamed" at . The producer and host is Mitchell Caplan (a WD-List user).

| CKCU-FM - 93.1 |
CKCU-FM 93.1CKCU-FM is Canada's oldest campus and community radio station. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day and reaches a radius of 120 kilometers. CKCU programming is produced by more than 200 volunteers from the University and the surrounding community. The station features a wide variety of music, public affairs, and ethnocultural programming, as well as presenting the BBC World Service News four times a day. Volunteering is easy and the station provides full training. Call 613-520-2898 about new volunteer orientation sessions or click here.

| Collected Works Bookstore |
Collected Works Bookstore

Collected Works is an independent bookstore serving the vibrant community to the West of downtown Ottawa. Located on Wellington Street at Holland, we stock the best in Canadian, American, and British books with a strong emphasis on literary fiction, poetry and children's books. It's a place made for book lovers and anyone who makes books part of their day-to-day life.

| Copyright Kids |
Copyright Society of the U.S.A.The Copyright Society of the U.S.A. is a nonprofit corporation that was founded in 1953 to foster interest in and advance the study of copyright law and the rights in literature, music, art, the theater, motion pictures, and other forms of intellectual property.

| Council for the Arts in Ottawa |
Council for the Arts in OttawaThe Council for the Arts in Ottawa is pleased to provide an
on-line version of the Arts & Heritage Directory, a Comprehensive Guide to Ottawa-Carleton's Cultural Community. The directory includes: Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts & Crafts, Film and Video, Books and Writing, Arts Children & Youth and Festivals. The "Books and Writing" section will be of particuclar interest to local writers.

| Crime Writers of Canada |
Council for the Arts in OttawaThe Crime Writers of Canada is a national organization for Canadian crime writers, associated professionals, and anyone else with a serious interest in Canadian crime writing. Its mission is to promote Canadian crime writing and to raise the profile of Canadian crime writers from coast to coast. (See also "Prime Crime Book Store" below.)

(Hal) Doran's Internet Sources for Journalists and Broadcasters| Doran's Internet Sources for Journalists and Broadcasters |

(Hal) Doran's Internet Sources for Journalists and Broadcasters: Hal Doran has worked in broadcasting for over 20 years in both the public and private sectors. He spent some 15 years with CBC Radio in a variety of locations, including Winnipeg, Sydney, Ottawa and Toronto, working for both regional and network programs. He has developed one of the most comprehensive sites anywhere and carries extensive resources on Journalism, Broadcasting, Searching, Subject Index, and Ottawa Area Resources. (What this site does not offer... ain't worth knowing! -pwm)

Editor's Association of Canada| Editor's Association of Canada |

The Editors' Association of Canada (EAC) promotes professional editing as key in producing effective communications. Its 1,000-plus members, salaried and freelance, work with individuals and in the corporate, technical, government, non-profit, and publishing sectors.

GEODE Music and Poetry| GEODE Music and poetry |

Since spring 1995, we have been serving up our unique recipe to pleasantly startled audiences in dozens of venues such as the Poetry in the Park series in Strathcona Park, National Library, Rasputin's, Blue Skies, the National Gallery, music festivals in Ottawa, Kingston, Elora, and on CBC's radio and tv. We issued our first recording in 1997 (Dangerous Times), a CD, SugarBeat Music & Poetry, in 1998. Our new name, GEODE Music and Poetry, recalls the amethysts, quartz crystals, foolÕs gold, and other gems found glinting inside the dull grey shells of northern rocks.

Gloucester Arts Council| Gloucester Arts Council |

Now referred to as he AOE Arts Council is a not for profit organization that promotes the growth and development of the arts in the community. We are an umbrella organization representing over 50 member groups and numerous individual members. They have links to a number of funding agencies as well as to a number of arts groups and organizations in the area.

Irish Poetry Group| Irish Poetry Group |

The Irish Poetry Group has readings in Gaelic and English and takes place on the second Thursday of every month at 8 the Bridgehead Coffee House, 362 Richmond Road. Call 726-7583 for more information (they do not have a Web site).

Juryroom Workshop| Juryroom Workshop |

The Juryroom Workshop meets twice a month at Royal Oak 2, 161 Laurier Avenue East, near King Edward. When: 1st and 3rd Sundays, 2:00 p.m.. This is an informal, peer-group critiqued meeting of writers. All forms of fiction, non-fiction and poetry are suitable. Open to all writers, published or unpublished. A session lasts 4 months. Fee is an affordable $25. Contact: Heather Ferguson, 747-426 (they do not have a Web site).

Lambda Foundation for Excellence

The Lambda Foundation for Excellence is a federally- incorporated, non-profit organization with a unique mission - to build bridges of understanding across Canadian communities by promoting the achievements and culture of gay and lesbian people. The Lambda Foundation for Excellence funds scholarships for gay and lesbian studies.

The League of Canadian Poets| The League of Canadian Poets |

The League of Canadian Poets, a non-profit arts service organization, is the national association of professional publishing and performing poets in Canada. Its purpose is to enhance the status of poets and nurture a professional poetic community to facilitate the teaching of Canadian poetry at all levels of education and to develop the audience for poetry by encouraging publication, performance and recognition of Canadian poetry nationally and internationally.

Lanark County Live Poets Society| Lanark County Live Poets Society |

The Lanark County Live Poets Society, commonly known as LiPS, is an informal organization of local poets living in the small towns and rural areas of Lanark County. We come from all walks of life, and range in age from teens to old-enough-to-not-want-to-say, and are proud of our rural roots and inspirations. Our purpose is to be a supportive community of rural spoken word poets, spread awareness and participation, and give all, especially youth, an opportunity and venue in which to express themselves and participate.

National Capital Freenet | Maple Tree Literary Supplement (MTLS) |

The Maple Tree Literary Supplement (MTLS) is mainly an online journal. The goal of the magazine is to promote Canadian writing, both mainstream and the not-so-prominent.

National Capital Freenet | Media Club of Ottawa |

The Media Club of Ottawa is "an association of professionals from all facets of the communications industry." The Media Club of Ottawa meets regularly at Library and Archives Canada to share experiences, discuss ideas and learn about new techniques in various fields of journalism.

National Capital Freenet | Mother Tongue Books |

The Mother Tongue Books - "Your Independent Community Bookseller" offering local, Canadian, and International Fiction; Poetry; Feminist and Cultural Theory; First Nations and International Writings; Spirituality; Writing; Psychology; Violence Theory; Children’s Books; Parenting; Health; Childbirth; Breast-feeding; Sexuality; Lesbian & Gay Studies and Literature.

National Capital Freenet | National Capital Freenet Media related contacts |

The National Capital Freenet "Media related contacts", includes: Radio, TV, Newspapers and Magazines, listed in alphabetical order.

National Library of Canada| National Library of Canada |

The National Library of Canada - The Library's collections focus primarily on Canadiana, works in all subjects written by, about or of interest to Canadians, published in Canada or abroad. You can read more about the NLC by clicking on the name or logo. To see the ongoing list of public programs, click here.

National Press Club Canada| National Press Club |

In 1998 the National Press Club Canada celebrated its 70th anniversary, looking back on its rich history, while keeping a firm eye on the future.

National Press Club Canada| North American Travel Journalists Association |

The North American Travel Journalists Association is the world's premiere professional associaton of writers, photographers and editors, dedicated to the travel and hospitality indjustries.

Ontario Poetry Society| Ontario Poetry Society |

The Ontario Poetry Society was founded to create a democratic organization for members to unite in camaraderie, friendship, emotional support and encouragement in all aspects of poetry, including writing, performing and publishing.

Ottawa Area Writers| Ottawa Area Writers |

The Ottawa Area Writers Website "is meant as a resource for those interested in Ottawa Area writers," says Webmaster Warren Layberry, editor of Bad Moon Books. "My hope with this site is to raise awareness and appreciation of writers in the Ottawa Area."

Ottawa Documentation / Writing and Translation related contacts| Ottawa Documentation / Writing and Translation contacts |

The Ottawa Documentation / Writing and Translation related contacts - This excellent recource is maintained by Richard Webb on the National Capital Freenet Web site.

Ottawa Independent Writers| Ottawa Independent Writers |

The Ottawa Independant Writers (OIW) promote all genres of writing and local area writers. Their focus is on the "business" of writing and networking. They promote these aims through monthly meetings, occasional seminars, newsletters, and their web pages.

Ottawa International Writers Festival (OIWF)| Ottawa International Writers Festival |

The Ottawa International Writers Festival (OIWF) In presenting a 10 day international writers festival every September, their dual mandate is the development of an informed and educated audience for literature, as well as increased exposure and recognition for our finest new and established voices by placing them on stage with some of the greatest writers from Canada and around the world.

| Ottawa Public Libary |
Ottawa Public Libary (OPL) The Ottawa Public Libary (OPL) Mission statement: "We nurture the love of reading and the pursuit of knowledge. People use the resources of the Ottawa Public Library to read, think, learn, interpret, imagine and connect with each other and the world."

| Ottawa Romance Writers Association |
Ottawa Romance Writers Association (ORWA) The Ottawa Romance Writers Association (ORWA) is an affiliated chapter of Romance Writers of America. ORWA's mission is to promote excellence in the field of romance writing and to advance the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy, dissemination of information, professional education, publications, and other appropriate activities, and to provide continuing support for writers within the romance publishing industry.

Ottawa International Writers Festival (OIWF)| Ottawa Storytellers |

The Ottawa Storytellers. This association exists to promote the art of storytelling in our community, to nurture and inspire both beginning and experienced storytellers, and to provide tellers and listeners of all ages with opportunities to come together to share and enjoy stories. The group meets on the first Thursday of each month, from 19:00 to 21:30, in Room 156, Library and Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington Street. They host a story swap / open stage. Admission is free, and everyone is invited to come and tell a story and / or listen to the stories. Light refreshments are served during the break.

Ottawa International Writers Festival (OIWF)| Ottawa Writers on Facebook |

Ottawa Writers are on a Facebook page. You can sign up with these writers, whose genres include poetry, fiction and more. They publicize their works and events and the site contains many links to other Web pages.

Ottawater| Ottawater |

Founded to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the City of Ottawa, Canada's glorious capital city, "ottawater," and its chemical formula/logo "O2(H2O)," is a poetry annual produced exclusively on-line, in both readable and printable pdf formats.An anthology focusing on Ottawa poets and poetics, its first issue appeared in January 2005, 150 years after old Bytown became the City of Ottawa.

| Our Public Airwaves |
Ottawa Romance Writers Association (ORWA)

Public Broadcasting belongs to all Canadians. They are Our Public Airwaves and they must serve as a national cultural expressway of enlightenment and entertainment.

Professional Writers Association of Canada| Professional Writers Association of Canada |

The Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) is Canada's national organization of professional freelance writers. Founded in 1976, we have been promoting the rights and careers of freelance writers and journalists for over thirty years. [ PWAC has an active Ottawa chapter, with a web site at You can also visit their national web site by clicking on the logo.]

Prime Crime Mystery Book Store| Prime Crime Mystery Book Store |

After 24 years of criminous pursuits, Prime Crime closed on March 13, 2010.

The Puritan Magazine - Click on logo to go to their site.| The Puritan Magazine |

The Puritan Magazine was founded in late fall 2006. It is an online, quarterly publication based in Toronto, Ontario (with roots in Ottawa) and committed to publishing the best in new fiction, non-fiction, poetry, interviews, and reviews.

Quebec Writers Federation| Quebec Writers Federation |

The Quebec Writers Federation was born when members of FEWQ (Federation of English Writers of Quebec) and QSPELL (Quebec Society for the Promotion of English Language Literature) voted in 1998 to unite their activities. The two organizations had been co-funded by SODEC since 1994 and shared an office at the Atwater Library. They shared similar mandates and had already collaborated on joint projects, such as Write pour Ecrire, Tongue-tied/langue-liee and the Irving Layton Tribute, as well as the initial Writers & Writing series of literary readings (The QWF is listed here because some of its members live in close proximity to Ottawa).

| Rasputin's Folk Cafe |
Rasputin's Folk Cafe Rasputin's Folk Cafe, has been presenting folk, celtic, blues, bluegrass, jazz, and world music since August 1981. Each January through March on Sunday evenings since 1995 they have been featuring epic stories in collaboration with The Ottawa Storytellers and MASC. Click here to see the events that are being presented this season or click on their logo to view their home page. Owner Dean Verger also puts out an excellent e-letter that outlines many of the musical and art happenings in the area. To be added to his bi-weekly newsletter e-mail him at:

Reader's Digest Resource Centre| Reader's Digest (Canada) Resource Centre |

The Reader's Digest Resource Centre houses materials for the School of Journalism and Communication (Journalism and Mass Communication Programs) and the School for Studies in Art and Culture (Film Studies, Music and Art History Programs).

| Renouf Books |

Renouf Publishing Company

Renouf Publishing Company has been Ottawa's "government books store" forever. It was "founded in 1888 by Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Michael Renouf, so there's quite a bit we can tell you about the history of our company." The company offers new books, reports and documents from many suppliers, both governments, NGOs and private industry. You can subscribe to their free e-mail newsletter to be notified of new titles and you can search their Web site for new and old entries.

| rob mclennan's web site |
rob mclennan is an Ottawa-born & based writer rob mclennan is an Ottawa-born & based writer, publisher, critic, visual artist & a few other things, as well as the author of six poetry collections & over three dozen chapbooks. This site has info on his latest books, tour schedules, and SPAN-O. Click here to see the many writing-related links he offers.

| SASQUATCH Writers' Performance Series |

SASQUATCH Writers' Performance Series SASQUATCH Writers' Performance Series meets twice per month and features an eclectic mix of poetry, prose, song, and other artistic pursuits in the "performance" vein.
SASQUATCH Writers' Performance Series

Smith's List: CanLit Contests| Smith's List: CanLit Contests |

Smith's List: CanLit Contests is Ottawa colleague Russell Smith's great contribution to the local writing community. His list is now maintained by the Writers' Circle of Durham Region (WCDR).

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)| Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators |

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) - Our members are illustrators, writers (or writer-illustrators) of materials for young people.

The Society of Environmental Journalists| Society of Environmental Journalists |

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) is the only U.S.- based membership organization of working journalists dedicated to improvements in environmental reporting.

The Society for Technical Communication (STC)| Society for Technical Communication |

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is is the world's largest and fastest growing professional organization devoted to advancing the theory and practice of technical communication. The Eastern Ontario Chapter meets in Ottawa and serves the Eastern Ontario region.

Storyteller - Canada's short story magazine| Storyteller Magazine's Book Self-Publishing Service |
More than a decade ago, Ottawa's Terry Tyo, publisher of Storyteller, asked himself why, whenever he wanted to read short stories, he was turning to American magazines and books to find them. And what he was finding was magazines and books devoted to only one type of story. Where was the variety? Although Canada has a reputation for great writers and a wide and literate audience, he couldn't find a Canadian magazine devoted to the short story that published mystery, or adventure, or even comedy. Thus was born the concept of Storyteller. Unfortunately Storyteller has suffered the ravages of literary extinction, however Terry continues his fine reputation through Storyteller's self-publishing service. Click on the link or photo to find out more.

TREE Reading Series| | is run and operated by Marco Polo Publications, Inc., a privately held company that puts the world within reach, linking together such diversified areas of the travel industry as travel writers, tour companies, public relations agencies and, of course, travelers. More than 4,000 travel writers use on a regular basis to receive market news and use our marketing tools.

TREE Reading Series| TREE Reading Series |

The TREE Reading Series is "Ottawa's longest running reading series. We've been bringing you the finest up and coming poets, writers and literary artists for two decades!

Valley Writers Guild| Valley Writers Guild |

The Valley Writers Guild (VWG) has been operating since 1990, encouraging and educating Eastern Ontario writers in the process of writing and getting published. They meet in Kemptville and cover the area between the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. They are currently meeting upstairs at Jonsonn’s Independent Grocers in Kemptville, where there is plenty of free parking, and an elevator to access the second floor. Click here for current information, or visit their web site by clicking on the logo.They typically meet on the third Sunday of the month at 2:00 p.m. (Send an e-mail to the president, molliemckibbon[at] for further information.) - Click on logo to go to their site.| VoicesCanada |

VoicesCanda was established in response to the growing number of Canadian writers seeking representation, marketing, and editorial services for their literary work. As such, we've established a full-service business for published authors and up-and-coming Canadian writers. (We are located in Ottawa, Canada, and foster alliances with domestic and foreign partners, which include publishers, distributors, film and television producers, animation houses, etc...)

White Mountain Publications| White Mountain Publications |

The White Mountain Publications is a small Northern Ontario press specializing in non-fiction and poetry, as well as books for the Bahá'í community world-wide. Website includes all titles, descriptions, guidelines, contest rules, and ordering information; books are arranged by topic and alphabetically by title with links to each individual book.

The Writer’s Block is | Writers Block E-zine |

The Writer’s Block is "a dynamic, quarterly online magazine aimed at Canadians in the writing trade." Writer’s Block welcomes submissions from both established and new writers... articles on any topic related to the specified theme.

The Writers' Union of Canada| The Writers' Union of Canada |

The Writers' Union of Canada was founded in 1973. It is a national organization of professional writers of books for the general public. Ottawa is home to many of its members, some of whom are on the Writers' Deadline!!.

Ygdrasil - Poetry| Ygdrasil - Poetry |

Ygdrasil - Poetry: For those of you who are poets, or who love poetry ... Ygdrasil is a Journal of the Poetic Arts dedicated to providing the best in Modern International Poetry and Literature. A monthly publication that welcomes submissions from around the world. The Editor and founder is Klaus Gerken.

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